Tax Planning & Preparation

We prepare a variety of returns, ranging from simple individual returns to more complex returns for businesses, trusts, estates, and non-profit organizations. To minimize potential tax effects, our tax professionals emphasize not only precise return preparation but also advance planning of significant individual and business transactions.  We regularly alert our clients of any relevant changes to tax laws and regulations and deem it our responsibility to educate our staff on new and updated tax practices and procedures.  Our tax professionals attend technical sessions and seminars and consult our complete and up to date library to keep informed on evolving and ever-changing tax trends, laws, and developments.

Business Entity Consultation

  • Advice in choosing the right entity for you
  • Tax advice based on entity structure
  • Help obtaining Federal ID Numbers
  • Tax Planning

IRS Representation

  • IRS audit representation for individuals and businesses
  • IRS collections representation
  • Payment for past due taxes
  • Offers in compromise

Individual Tax Services

  • Tax Preparation and Advice
  • Tax Projections
  • Estimated Tax Payment Calculations
  • Year Round Tax Planning
  • Tax Minimization Strategies
  • IRS and State Representation
  • Help with Strategies to Reduce Audit Risk
  • Design of Tax minimizing Investment Strategies

Business Tax Services

  • Preparation of Business Tax Returns
  • Electronic Filing
  • Year Around Tax Planning
  • Tax Projections
  • Tax Liability Estimates
  • Phone Consultations
  • Payroll Tax Reports
  • Preparation of Sale Tax Returns
  • IRS & State Representation
  • Bookkeeping and Accounting Service

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